Hi! My name is Eilise and I'm a Dinner Minimalist. Let me explain.  


I used to be that girl who was “too busy” to cook. The one who would call chips and salsa dinner far too often. When health problems began to creep up after college, I realized I needed to change my ways to feel like my vibrant self again. I knew what I had to do -- ditch the “junk” and eat more real foods. But for me, eating different foods wasn't the problem -- managing the work of cooking/grocery shopping/meal planning was! I soon realized if I wanted to get healthy, I needed to find some go-to meals that were easy AND tasty AND didn’t take up too much time if I was going to make a long-lasting change. Unfortunately, I found many recipes out there were easy OR healthy, not both. So, over the next couple of years I decided to take matters into my own hands and experiment with my own recipes that didn't require a ton of ingredients (hello, simpler grocery lists), time, or clean up. 

Fast forward to now. I wanted to learn more about the science behind the gut-brain connection and the effects different foods have on our bodies, so I became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). After everything I learned, my belief in the healing power of nutrition was unshakable. I set out to help educate others on the importance of of eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods from quality sources. The problem? While I could tell people all day *what* to eat, I discovered that more people seemed to struggle with the *how*. Um, hello! Been there, done that. I could definitely relate. This problem was bigger than myself, and because of my past experiences, I could help be part of the solution. And so, the idea for "Dinner Minimalist" was born!


I want to help you get from hungry to well fed as fast as possible. Heck, I even want you to spend less time on dishes.

Because less time in the kitchen = more time doing the things that light you up. For me, that means spending time with my husband (pictured at the top), getting out in nature, and traveling! The inspiration for a lot of my recipes comes from the amazing food I’ve eaten while traveling around the world for 9 months in 2017, and the instability that came with long-term travel (limited ingredients, kitchen space, and cooking tools to name a few obstacles)! I'm hoping that my experiences can benefit others who, like me, are looking for easy + healthy dinner solutions in their day-to-day lives. Because we can't get Chipotle all the time. ;)


Want to connect Further? Shoot me an email: dinnerminimalist@gmail.com

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