Tahini Lime Dressing (Vegan, Paleo, Whole30)

Tahini Lime Dressing

Tahini is made with shelled sesame seeds ground into a paste. It's a common ingredient in many Middle Eastern and East Asian dishes. It can be found in most grocery stores or online, and isn't too pricey! I actually tried it for the first time last year, and ever since it has been a staple condiment in my house. It has a long shelf life in the fridge and I love having it on hand for quick and easy salad dressings like this one! This dressing is super creamy and a little sweet, which brings the perfect amount of indulgence to ho hum greens or a veggie platter. It tastes incredible with a salad made from asian vegetables (think purple, cabbage, spring onions, snow peas, bell peppers) or as a dip for plain 'ol carrots and celery. I most commonly drizzle it over a simple green salad as pictured! If find a more creative use for this dressing/dip, I'd love to hear about it :)

Tahini Lime Dressing


  • 1/4 cup tahini

  • 1 tbsp coconut aminos (or soy sauce)

  • Juice of 2 Limes (approx. 1/4 cup)

  • 2 cloves minced garlic (or 1 tsp garlic powder)

  • Salt to taste

  • Optional: Add up to two inches of freshly grated ginger for an added kick!

Whisk together ingredients in a bowl to combine*. Pour over salads or use as a dipping sauce for veggies. If you wish, you can thin out the dressing by adding a few teaspoons of water. Enjoy!

*By whisk I mean stir with a fork, because to be honest I don't even own a whisk!